PGEPHIS Scheme Information - Current Status ||  PGEPHIS Enrollment Date Extension Upto 30.06.2016 Notification
Notification of Scheme Generate E-Card for Policy Owners under the Scheme District Co-ordinators under Scheme List of Empanelled Hospitals under the Scheme.
More Hospitals Addition(In Process)
Details of Scheme ਪਰਿਵਾਰ ਅਤੇ ​ਨਿਰਭਰ ਦੀ ਪਰਿਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਅਕਸਰ ਪੁੱਛੇ ਜਾਣ ਵਾਲੇ ਸਵਾਲ Email Clarifications given, read it, may be this can solve your problem
Enrollment Form
Offline Submission for Download
1.Enrollment Form-Employee/Pensioner 3.Dependent Form 4.Option Form-All India Service Officers/Judiciary 5.Option Form-MLAs
2.Enrollment Form-Family Pensioner

DDO Details Enrollment Form - Online Submission & Print Submissions Closed
Instructions/Guidelines to fill Form in Online/Offline mode
Letters 1. Implementation of Scheme - Letter dated 2.3.16
2. Implementation of Scheme in Govt. Hospitals a) Letter 1 - Dated 11.04.2016 b) Letter 2 - Dated 11.04.2016
3. PAL Form for Govt. Hospitals
4. State Level Grievance Committee-PGEPHIS Scheme
5. District Level Grievance Committee-PGEPHIS Scheme
In case of any queries/feedback, please dial 104.
In case of any corrections in Enrollment Forms : 18002335557